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Interested in adding IV therapy Franchise to your business?

Integrate a proven and branded IVitamin+ location within your practice
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iv therapy franchise


iv therapy franchise
iv therapy franchise product
iv therapy franchise

Ready to integrate IVitamin+ with your business?

Challenge: Have you thought about adding IV therapy Franchise to your practice only to better understand how challenging it is to accomplish and how many complexities are involved when integrating this new service?

Solution: Let us take the burden off your hands…

Innovative Model: Combine your thriving practice with our proven model and method to take advantage of the resources you already have in place such as staff, space, clientele, and let us provide you with training, supply, ongoing expertise, and a successful system.


Welcome to IVitamin+

A new fractional Iv Therapy franchise opportunity developed by IVitamin Hydration Lounge

Our thriving practice and brand are built upon the highest standards for safety, exceptional quality of products and services and impeccable client experience. Our team of doctors, nurse practitioners, pharmacists and IV specialists ensures the safe solid foundation for which our services have been built.


Join our team to obtain a turn key solution that will immediately begin generating revenue offering your current patients IV therapy. Take advantage of all of the necessary processes that have been created for you, our ongoing training and support, our proven membership model that generates recurring revenue and many other benefits.

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IVitamin+ Turnkey Solutions

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Pharmacy & mixing room guidelines

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Customized technology

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Hands on training with our trainers

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Branded proven membership program

Let our experts take care of the necessary action items to allow your practice to start this new IV Vitamin Therapy service quickly

IVitamin hydration lounge in Austin Texas is one of the largest volume producing IV clinics in the country. Over 25,000 IVs have been administered to clients safely, successfully and effectively. This new emerging service line does not currently have a blueprint to follow or a how to manual to ensure it is being done safely effectively and successfully

There are many questions concerns and items that need to be addressed before bringing IV therapy into your practice. Some of these items include legal structure of entity safe and effective IV formulations storage and handling of these additives mixing room guidelines, sourcing ingredients guidance on healthcare employees who will administer the IV drips and much more.

Ivitamin Drip therapy

Take part in the next generation of wellness while also generating an additional stream of revenue all within your current practice for an entry fee starting at $19,500.

IVitamin Therapy Franchise

Elevate Your Practice

IV infusion therapy is quickly expanding to one of the leading services to obtain optimal health.

Take your practice to the next level of wellness by offering patients the highly beneficial service of IV vitamin therapy. Patients have experienced numerous benefits such as increased energy, improved immunity and an overall sense of well-being through IV vitamin infusions. 

By adding IVitamin+ to your current business you will be able to maximize your revenue by utilzing shared resources and overhead. IVitamin+ offers you access to this service, which has a proven method and model, so that you dont have to build the service from the ground up. Join our team today to obtain a turn key solution that will immediately begin generating revenue within your existing business. 

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